Where I’ve been
20 years ago after graduating from business school I brought my first gym. I was already a successful entrepreneur. I knew what I was doing. And I got it all wrong.

I saw what everyone else was doing, figured that was the right way to do things in the gym business. And failed. Big time.

There are lots of highs and lows to my story but the short version is this: I learned from the world’s best, transformed my fitness business and went on to buy, build and sell other companies as well. I spent 8 years founding and building a national fitness franchise of a global brand before a nice exit. Then I got to work on other projects and started coaching others to build successful businesses too.

Where I’m at now
As an entrepreneur I’ve always been in project mode. I love the thrill of turning an idea into a commercial reality. I also understand the hassle, frustration and pain of raising capital for a new business. My mission now is two fold. First to use my business experience and networks to find capital for entrepreneurs. To help them find a better connections to lenders who understand their needs. It’s vibrant and challenging and rewarding. I’ve done my time on the ground. I’ve made my money. I’m up there with the best. So now it’s great to help others do the same.

After selling my gym I knew what I wanted to do next. Get involved in cool, innovative and sustainable, circular economy projects. Ones that have amazing new tech that can either fix planet, feed people, utilise waste for fuel or have the power to harness clean energy.

You could says it’s my transition from waist management to waste management.

I’m excited to partner with investment banks to provide funding for large scale sustainability projects in the green tech space right here in New Zealand.

Where we’ll go together
Where do you want to go? If you’re a serious entrepreneur, Trust Board, Iwi project group looking for out of the box solutions to funding your next sustainable project, or you’re a passionate and committed commercial owner looking for a Rockstar dealmaker to take your business to the next level

Hi! – I’m Marlin Dean
Let’s connect, and together we’ll make it happen.